# 106 Change a flat tire for the first time

Photo by Owen Parrish/flickr.com

For a tire to get flat while driving is one of those things you’re not really looking forward to happen. But sometimes, things do happen when you least expect them. So I put this is on my bucket list yet I wasn’t hoping for it to happen. But then again, having a flat tire will definitely happen to anyone who has a car even just once in their lives.

The first time will always be an experience you won’t forget even for just changing a flat tire since this will test your presence of mind. The ability to think and do efficiently in an emergency situation like this is very important. Once you have own a car, learning how to change a flat tire is as important as learning how to drive, since there will be a situation in your life that you have to do it on your own rather than calling you car insurance company ( if you have one).

I have seen my Dad changing a tire several times when I was young since he really wanted to show me how to do it but I never really did it with my own bare hands until I had a flat tire while driving on  our way back home from Kylemore Abbey in Connemara, Co. Galway.

kylemore abbey

Discover Kylemore Abbey & Victorian Walled Garden

Whenever we go for a long drive, I usually check the air pressure of the tires so at least I have nothing to worry about. I had a flat tire while we were passing Moycullen, a small village around 10 km. away from Galway City. And the good thing about it is since we were passing through a village, the maximum speed is 50 kph. Otherwise, I was driving up to 100 kph on a countryside road.  I was even driving less than 40 kph due to light traffic when we heard a loud bang at the back of the car and the level became uneven. At that moment, I turned on the hazard lights and look for a place to pull out my car. I wasn’t even sure what was the problem at that time until I got off the car and saw this.


My Mom and two sisters were a bit stressed and shocked about the situation and so was I but I have to do something about it. I remember my Mom kept asking me if I know how to change a tire because she doesn’t and I answered back, “Nope but I can try”. So I checked the tools I have in my boot and that was the first time I saw them there since I got the car ( 2 years ago).


While I was jacking up the car, I suddenly remembered something, smiled and asked my sister to bring out the camera and take pictures of me. They asked me why and I told them that this was on my bucket list. And their reactions were priceless maybe because they thought that it was weird that it was on my bucket list and I was enjoying doing it. Once the tire is off the ground, I loosen and remove the lug nuts.


Then, I removed the tire.


I slid on the spare tire and screw the lug nuts on the bolts.



Once they are fully compact, I released the jack and tighten the lug nuts for the last time.


And voilà !!! I did it!!!


This was on my list not just because of having the knowledge and ability of changing the tire but to test my presence of mind from the moment I had a flat tire and managed to change it for the first time successfully.

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