6/50 Massachusetts: “Bay State”

Photo by Jeff Gunn/flickr.com (CC BY 2.0)

The State of Massachusetts is situated on the north-eastern seaboard of the United States of America. With the total land area of 10,555 square miles, it is the 44th largest and the 14th most populous state in the U.S. The state capital is Boston.

Boston skyline from a ferry

Boston skyline from a ferry

boston ferry ride bucketlist250

Massachusetts became the 6th state to ratify the U.S. Constitution on February 6, 1788. It is one of the most important states that shaped the history of the USA. The ancestors of almost 35 million people are the English pilgrims that first settled at the Plymouth Harbour. In September, 1620, a cargo ship named Mayflower left Plymouth, England bound for the New World with 102 passengers and 26 crew members. The settlement of the Pilgrims here in Plymouth became the second permanent English settlement in Northern America after the establishment of Jamestown in Virginia. An English explorer John Smith named the state after the tribe of Massachusett.

Mayflower II is a replica of the original Mayflower.

Mayflower II is a replica of the original Mayflower.

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Plymouth rock bucketlist250

Boston, the state capital, played an important role during the American Revolution and it is also home to a large Irish-American population. There are several ways to explore the city, but the best way is by foot. The Freedom Trail is a two and a half mile long self-guided tour trail that connects the sixteen historic sites that aided to the nation’s independence.

This includes the gold-domed State house,

Boston Common, the oldest city park in America

and the Granary Burying Ground, the final resting place of some historic people like Samuel Adams and Paul Revere.

The Quincy Market is one of Boston’s most popular places to eat and hangout.

Quincy market bucketlist250

boston bucketlist250

Just across the Charles River is Cambridge, and it is the home of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.

Harvard University bucketlist250

If you would like to see our Harvard University walk tour just simply click on the link below:


If you want to see the entire downtown and all of the historic areas in Boston, the best place to visit is the Skywalk Observatory.

One of the most important historical events which took place in Massachusetts that most of the people don’t know is the first “thanksgiving”. Let me tell you that story: The Pilgrims who settled in Plymouth were struggling in producing crops due to the harsh weather and less knowledge about planting in the New World. Thanks to the Native Americans, they taught them to plant corns, other crops suitable for the climate in order to survive the wilderness. To show gratitude to the Native Americans and the prosperous  harvest, the pilgrims held a three-day harvest feast in 1621.

The First Thanksgiving 1621, oil on canvas by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1899)

The First Thanksgiving 1621, oil on canvas by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1899)                                                  Photo by Mike Licht/flickr.com (CC BY 2.0)


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