8/50 Connecticut: “The Constitution State”

Photo by MTAPhotos/flickr.com (CC BY 2.0)

The State of Connecticut is situated on the situated on the north-eastern seaboard of the United States of America. With only a total land area of 5,544 square miles, it is the 48th largest and the 29th most populous state in the U.S. The state capital is Hartford.

The State Capitol of Connecticut                                                            Photo by Avala/wikimedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Connecticut became the fifth state to ratify the U.S. Constitution on January 9, 1788. The name Connecticut came from a Native American word, “quonehtacut” that means “long tidal river”. The Dutch were the first European to settle in Connecticut by establishing a fort in Hartford in 1614; In 1633, the first English settlers came in Windsor and as the years went by, more English people settled in Connecticut until they outnumbered and made the Dutch leave their fort in 1654.

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Connecticut was home to the first hamburger ,coloured television, and the first American dictionary published by Noah Webster in 1806.

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During our short stay in Connecticut, we visited New Haven to see Yale University.

yale university bucketlist250 yale university bucketlist250 tower

Yale University, founded in 1701,  is the 3rd oldest university in the United States. This university has produced many notable people known for different fields such as politics, arts and science, business, music, sports, drama and many more.

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6 thoughts on “8/50 Connecticut: “The Constitution State”

    1. Hi, well visiting all the 50 states is on my bucket list so even just for few hours I’ve got the chance to visit Connecticut. Are you planning to visit all the states as well?

      1. Yes, definitely! We have such a beautiful country here :-). I am trying to make use of my passport and youth (well kind of youth, I’m gonna be 30 in a few months!) so I’m trying to get abroad as much as I can.

      2. haha…. well you still have a lot of time, are you base here in u.s? Cause im not, so my time is limited to explore here and requires me time and money as well. How many states have you visited so far? How about visiting all the 81 provinces in the Phil? haha

      3. Yes, I am based in the US in Southern California :-). I’ve visited 19 states so far. Which ones are your favorite that you visited so far? I have been to a few places in the Philippines but not as much as I would like. I love that country. It’s where my mom is from. My next place to visit there is Palawan. One day, when I have more money :-).

      4. Currently, I’m here in Los Angeles, CA til next week, then i’ll be back in Ireland. I think CA is my favourite state but my favourite city is New York. Wow, 19 states,, that’s great… I have 9 so far, plus Washington D.C. The last time I was in the Phil. was 2012, and I would like to come back there too again and tick off something on my bucket list. It’s nice to meet someone like you who shares the same interests in travelling..

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