Bucketlist250 is simply the 250 things I would like to accomplish in my life before I die. The idea came up after:

(1.) seeing my “things I want to do” list that I wrote down when I was young and nearly crossed off most on the list. This inspired me to make another one but this time in a bigger scale that I will do in my lifetime.

(2.) watching the 2007 American movie “The Bucket List”. This inspired me because the main casts created their own bucket list since they are running out of time and I got plenty of it.

(3.) and getting inspired from this quote : “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West


This quote is about having a fulfilling life by doing it right. But how do you make it right?

Everyone has their own sets of principles, moral codes and beliefs that we follow to live our life. These serve as the foundation in creating our goals and dreams in life ( from the small ones to the big ones).

I created my bucket list on June,2013. I wrote down the things I want to accomplish since I was a little but what made it a very long list is getting some of the ideas I have from other people’s list. Most of the ideas I have are from searching in the internet like http://www.lifed.com/bucket-list-225-things-to-do-before-you-diehttp://www.businessinsider.com/places-in-europe-to-visit-2014-6# and http://www.businessinsider.com/100-trips-to-take-2014-2?op=1. The reason of getting these ideas into my list is to challenge myself to live my life outside the box (overcoming fears, being creative and have exotic adventures) and to experience most of the things life can offer despite of the busy “real life” ( focusing on our day-to-day goals).

But what really matters to me the almost every time I accomplished something on my list is that I didn’t do it on my own, I did it with someone I truly care about ( family and friends).

Featured image was taken from http://lifequotestolive.wordpress.com/2012/08/14/life-quotes-album/life-quotes-life-quotes1

Image in the article was taken from http://seanmalarkey.com/mae-west-quote

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